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#AMillionVoicesToEndHitting #UseYours


The US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children, the NY Foundling Institute, the American Professional Society of Abuse of Children,, and you are forming #AMillionVoicesToEndHitting. As a collective voice, we can be heard. Let's address ACEs upstream by intervening to prevent violence, raise awareness of the harm of spanking and promote peaceful parenting!

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Robert Olcott posted:

In the mid-1970's, I knew a recent UNH grad who accepted a teaching position at a public school in Dallas, Texas. He was 'issued' a 'paddle' for disciplinary use, but he left the position just prior to the Christmas break. He explained to me that he wasn't trained, at UNH, how to 'administer' the paddle.

Ugh. The sad news is that even today 19 states allow teachers to hit children with boards. Around 160,000 students are hit every year, and that doesn't include private schools.


here is more information about that and a link to an amazing documentary on the subject.

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