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90 Minute Lesson Plan for screening "Resilience"



"Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope" KPJR Films (2016)  is a 60-minute documentary film. Depending on your audience and your circumstances, you might consider the following 90-minute plan for showing the film.

(1) Screen first 20 minutes of "Resilience."
(2) Ask participants to reflect, "What are your thoughts about the film so far?" 
     Instruct participants to reflect silently and write some notes. (10 minutes)

(1) Screen the next 20 minutes of "Resilience." 
(2) Ask, "What is new and/or significant for you in the film so far?"
     Participants discuss the question in groups of 3-4 people. (10 minutes)

(1) Screen the last 20 minutes of "Resilience."
(2) Ask, "How can we apply this information to our lives and to our work?"
     Participants discuss the question as a large group. (10 minutes)

If you have more than 90-minutes, you might choose to start with an ice-breaker, allow more time for reflection and discussion, include a brain break, and/or a body break, and of course, a bathroom break.   

We showed "Resilience" to the staff of an elementary school this way. The feedback was very positive.

If you try this approach, please tell me how it works out.

Deborah Bock
Anchorage, Alaska

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In response to Jane's question -- The film presentation was a kick-off for a whole year of trauma-sensitive training for the school staff.  The staff had a wide range of knowledge about ACEs.  The principal and the counselor were very well informed. Most of the teachers had been exposed to ACEs and trauma-informed practice. There were some teachers who were new to the school for whom this might have been a first exposure. My sense was that taking two breaks did not interrupt the flow of the story.  If anything, the breaks gave people a chance to process the basic information about ACEs, before moving on to what can be done to address toxic stress in children.  The feedback forms were all positive, and said things like, "Awesome!" and "Best training ever!"  

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