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50,000 members strong! ACEs Connection invites you to celebrate, reminisce and commemorate our collective growth


On March 4th at 12 pm PT (3 pm ET), we’re stopping for an hour to gather around Zoom screens to celebrate the work of ACEs Connection. We’d love for you to join us to share stories about how we learned about ACEs science, what happened in our personal and work lives as a result of joining ACEs Connection, and what we hope the long-term impact of this knowledge will be.

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In addition to you who celebrate with us, we'll have other guests, including Ann Borowiec, who joined as member #50,000, and Jim Sporleder, featured in the documentary Paper Tigers. After I launched ACEs Connection, one of the first stories I did was about Jim, the students and staff at Lincoln High School; the story has had more than 800,000 page views.

Others we know will celebrate with us on Thursday include James Encinas, Robin Cogan and Karen Johnson. Let us know in the comments section, below, if you'll be there!

Where were you when you first learned about ACEs science? What do you remember about that moment? Were you relieved, scared, shocked, happy or sad?

And where were you when you first learned about ACEs Connection? How did it feel to know there was a community of people who knew some of what you knew, and, perhaps, felt as passionately about learning more of the science and preventing childhood trauma as you do?

I launched in January 2012 with 200 members (thanks, Dr. Vincent Felitti!) and no community sites. Today, has become the hub for the ACEs movement. It has 400 communities and passed 50,000 members on Feb. 16.

Here is the link to register and join our online celebration on March 4. Bring a beverage of your choice so that we can toast the members of this incredible community — that’s all of us, 50,000 strong!!

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Featured Guests


Jim Sporleder has dedicated the next chapter of his life to assisting schools to become more trauma-informed and centers of healing. After 33 years as an educator and most recently as principal of Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, Jim and his staff's pioneering work was documented in the movie Paper Tigers.

Dwana Young

Dwana Young, Community Manager of NJ Resiliency Coalition, one of our fastest-growing communities. She invited our 50,000th member and so many of our members to join ACEs Connection. She will speak for a few minutes on how she is growing the New Jersey statewide ACEs Initiative so quickly.


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  • Jim Sporleder
  • Dwana Young

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